Analysis & Consulting



Whether you have just started your business or operate an established business, things can go wrong. When things are not going to plan, we step in and evaluate your business and identify problems that need fixing and areas that have been neglected and require focus.
We establish your weakness so we can add value where you are not.

Once we have a clear understanding of the issues that need addressing, we turn our focus to objectives & goals. We devise a report with an in-depth strategy plan, hand picking the optimum channels and tactics that will drive the business forward and resolve existing problems.


If the experience, time and tools are available to the business owner, the strategic plan can be implemented in house without the need of external consultants.

If the business owner is limited on resources, our business consultants will work alongside the business owner providing support, guidance and advice. We start by laying the foundation & monitoring on going progress based on data and performance, adjusting and adapting to remain in line with your key performance indicators, this ensures the strategy plan is implemented successfully and on time.

Annara have built a team of world class consultants to undertake and advise on projects from start to finish, so no matter how big or small the challenges or obstacles you face, we’ll listen to your query carefully, offer free advice and discuss all the possible options.

We work alongside business owners and founders with a maximum annual turnover of £3 million.



Growth strategies are the single most important set of strategies to develop and maintain growth in any company. Growth strategies are compulsory and not an option, however, only 10% of small and medium size businesses succeed in achieving continuous, profitable growth.



Deciding how much to charge for your product or service can make or break a business, and requires more thought than simply calculating your costs and adding a profit margin that sounds appealing.
Business owners need to consider a range of factors to ensure the perfect pricing for their product or service, somewhere between one that is too high to attract customers and one that is too low to cover your operational expenses.



Annara help small and medium sized business owners lower their costs, save money and to perform better overall. We advise business owners on how to spend smarter to increase profitability, whilst looking for missed areas of opportunity and efficient ways to grow profits.



Ideal for clients to determine the financial viability of a business idea and to emphasise any potential problems that could occur.
Our strengths are in Market & Financial Analysis.
The ultimate outcome of any feasibility study is whether to proceed or not to proceed. To come to a conclusion, we analyse the clients’ industry, market share, market potential, competition, potential buyers and chances of success whilst taking into consideration the capital required, returns on investments, gross profit margins and net income.


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